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The project is a comprehensive tool in the form of a website. It provides an examples of website designs as well as tips and suggestions on how to conceptualise and design luxurious websites. 

Introductory guide to designers and brands to understand the basic luxurious attributes of a website to assist in building own web pages with a luxurious character.

The user can switch between two modes (as seen above). Suggestions and tips based on the key findings of this paper are provided to help the user understand the rationality of the web pages.   The website presents and cover topics on: 1 Colour, 2 Interface Icons, 3 Photography, 4 Typography and 5 Layout.

Look & Feel: Luxury, modern, elegance, fashion, quality, innovation



Toggle on/off for website design theoretical exposition

4 Layout > split screen, grid of cards, single page, assymetrical

Layout-C – 2.png
Layout-B.1 – 1.png
Layout-C – 3.png
Layout-D.1 – 1.png
Layout-C – 4.png
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